Integrated and calibrated by MBtech Group


Double-clutch transmission calibration

Referenz MBtech Accurate Messtechnick

"During the development of our innovative 6DCT250 double-clutch transmission it was important to have the MBtech on board as a partner with a high level of system and calibration competence."



The MBtech Group calibrated the 6DCTC250 GETRAG double-clutch transmission on behalf of GETRAG. GETRAG has produced more than one million 6DCT250 double-clutch transmissions. The success of the 6-speed double-clutch transmission is due to its combination of comfort and efficiency along with a significant reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emission. „All of this makes it clear that we focused on the right product from the very beginning“, explains Ernie DeVincent, Platform Director at GETRAG and responsible for the 6DCT250. „We currently have orders from four major automotive OEMs for this product.“ (source:


MBtech Services in detail

  • Commission the transmission system in the vehicle
  • Evaluate the driving behavior with regard to the transmission
  • Define the drivability targets in coordination with the end customer (OEM) and Getrag
  • Implement the drivability targets by calibrating the necessary transmission management parameters
  • Support the end customer drivability validation
  • Interface management between the transmission system and the vehicle (in particular the engine interface)
  • Plan and perform road trials
  • Integration into the customer‘s development process

MBtech Facilities & Tools

  • Transmission calibration system competence
  • Transmission management integration system competence and function development
  • Transmission workshop for conversions and inspections
  • Test workshop for vehicles


  • Calibration responsibility for vehicle variants for the customer, Getrag (OEM)
  • Intensive collaboration with Getrag and the end customer
  • Projects completed independently at MBtech‘s own branches
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