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Proceda takes over photography studio

Debeos Studios, a spacious photo studio in Sindelfingen specializing in automotive and technology photography, has belonged to Weissach-based company Proceda since March 1, 2017. Proceda is a design service provider and development partner that has successfully established itself on the European automotive industry platform.

MBtech – Proceda takes over Debeos Studios

With the takeover of this large studio, the MBtech 100% subsidiary has further expanded its portfolio as a development partner of the automotive industry. Proceda, armed with a unique array of equipment, now boasts extensive knowledge in the area of technology and automotive photography, in photo documentation, along with design, development and show car model-building.


Unique lighting system for authentic “stand-ins”

Covering an area of approximately 900 square meters, the Proceda Studios not only boast spacious conditions but also a lighting system that is unique the world over, delivering the best results in a shorter amount of time. CIRCULIGHT, a technique developed and patented by studio manager Harry Ruckaberle, allows for a particularly soft and thus natural illumination of all objects in front of the camera.

The procedure developed and patented in Sindelfingen is based on an approx. 13 meter high and 2.8 meter wide surface light that circles the object during illumination. This delivers a particularly soft effect and thus the harmonious illumination of the vehicle. Even the typical lighting impact, reflections or specific shadow effects created during outdoor shoots can be authentically reproduced in the studio using this state-of-theart procedure.

The CIRCULIGHT photos thus also serve as an ideal basis for electronically created image compositions, also known as stand-ins, that involve combining landscape photos with studio takes. The resulting images boast an impressive quality and authenticity, to which the finishing touches are added regardless of weather, without time restrictions and under conditions of strict secrecy.

Further technical equipment belonging to Proceda Studios includes a lighting panel (15 x 25 m), an approx. seven meter high circular cove, as well as various translucent walls up to 10 x 5 m. A 10-metre-high platform is used for particularly interesting perspectives.


Early documentation of vehicle development

The photo studio adds a further bow to Proceda’s business string with regard to the engineering of show cars, design studies or even prototypes which Proceda manufactures on behalf of well-known automotive companies. It will now be possible to photographically document the development process for these vehicles from very early on. This saves considerable time too.

The photo studio can be divided into several areas, all of which can be simultaneously used for shoots. The Sindelfingen studios produce photos that are used by renowned car brands for their international product communication. The studio team also collaborates with museums, collectors and specialist companies on the classic car scene. They are responsible for capturing historic vehicles and produce material for art prints, calendars and product presentations.


Bringing together what belongs together

Debeos Studios was based in Kolumbusstrasse as part of the Danish facility services company, ISS, until February 2017. The change of proprietorship represents a more secure and promising future for the six employees from the Sindelfingen photo studio.

Through this union, we are now in a position to offer all work processes involved in the manufacture of vehicle models, show cars, design studies and prototypes from just one provider – everything from the design engineering to the visual documentation, to the delivery of press and promotional material,” explains Proceda Managing Director and founder Matthias Berner.

Our customers are set to benefit from the synergy effects of two strong partners,” adds photographer and studio manager Harry Ruckaberle, who received the coveted Red Dot Award Communication Design for the “Mercedes-Benz Design Interior” illustrated book in 2012 together with automotive journalist Christof Vieweg. This was followed in 2014 by the Innovation Award from the German Printing Industry and a Gold Medal for the “Mercedes-Benz DESIGN Exterior” illustrated book. This work also received a Red Dot Award. All the images were taken in the Sindelfingen studios.


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