The fast pace of technological development and new competiton is forcing car manufacturer to make key strategic decisions for their future. The proven linear planning is the past - new organizational and cooperation models are necessary. Digitalization requires close and agile cooperation with development partners. As a Development service provider MBtech make an important contribution to mastering these changes. Together, we found and implement new directions. Agile and flexible.

AKKA is the global service partner for the future of mobility.


Alternative Drive

Bridging the gap between combustion engine and e-drive

Increasing legal requirements, inner-city driving restrictions and CO² fleet targets put pressure on the conventional combustion engine. Thanks to mild hybridization, e-turbochargers and rightsizing the combustion engine remains an important powertrain element in the medium term and is more than a filler.

However, in the long term electricity will be used more typically than gasoline to fuel the car (or other example: electric cars will become more common than gasoline fueled cars). This is a clear vision and the driving force behind the fast change in the automotive industry.

Whether engine rightsizing, transmission development with eight or more gears, the integration of hybrid drives into vehicle platforms or the set-up and validation of 48 volt solutions – we design today’s and tomorrow’s technical solutions for and with our clients.

MBtech - Alternative Drive, E-Drive Road to Rig
AKKA – the Full Liner with its own test benches and workshops
  • Drive systems, low voltage, high voltage and mechanical components 
  • High voltage safety testing and electrical energy on-board supply system
  • Electromagnetic compatibility, RDE, NVH
  • Vehicle testing, Prototype build-up

E-Mobility – driving the future

Visions turn reality

E-Mobility also includes the electrification of the auxiliary units and the rapid adjustment of an increasing number of technical elements. This becomes particularly obvious when we look at the latest battery developments.

With their conversion from car manufacturer to mobility provider, some companies contribute to turning Germany into a leading market and provider for e-Mobility solutions. Some products, such as batteries and e-engines, create added value and promote a positive aspect of the ‘Made in Germany’ label.

Together with and for our clients we shift system boundaries. The car turns electric!

MBtech – E-Mobility

Connectivity – the car as a mobile data center

Digital Services form part of the vehicle function

The vehicle of today is part of a digital network. There is a continuous data flow between vehicle and infrastructure both ways. The B2B mobility service portfolio including fleet management, vehicle services such as OTA diagnosis and OTA updates is growing successively and sustainably. The same is true for consumer functions such as internet radio or map services.

When it comes to autonomous driving and e-drive, connectivity serves as the basis for added-value functionalities. Connectivity is the key technology for the mobility of the future. While considering all relevant security profiles, we develop the functionalities of tomorrow’s cars, together with our clients.

MBtech Connectivity

Autonomous Driving – A safe zone at a high level of comfort

Mastering technical and socio-cultural challenges

Autonomous or human driving – may the driver decide. That’s the tangible vision of autonomous driving: The crucial technologies exist and are affordable. It is a highly complex development task and the keyword is safety. Safety implies that all systems are operating under all conditions, that they recognize their functioning and that this has been tested and validated by all relevant technical tools and instruments.

At MBtech, we validate and ensure the functional quality of the (until now) partly autonomous driving vehicles and systems – for and with our clients.

MBtech – Autonomous Driving, Link&Go

Milestone „Safety“

Driver assistance systems create safety

Crowded motorways or hectic city traffic – intelligent distance alert and speed adaptation systems enable us to reach our destination, relaxed and at ease. Safety is of top priority with driver assistance systems. Electronic distance measurement, lane departure warning, electronic parking and emergency braking assistance, active lane change – new and optimized safety systems continuously help to further develop traffic safety.

Driver assistance systems and their increasingly intelligent networking support us in reaching our big target: safe and autonomous driving with a high level of comfort.

MBtech – Safety

Industry 4.0 – Vision and challenge

Digitalization requires agile partners

The close linkage between information and communication technology creates new challenges for the automotive industry. While the overall goal is about self-organized, intelligent and digital networked systems are replacing previous production systems.

AKKA masters accelerated innovation cycles for products and services. We develop and introduce new and more flexible organization and cooperation models. It is our aim to substantially contribute to the significant transformation of the automotive competence portfolio.

Thomas Ramsteiner - Vice President MBtech Group

„As an engineering service partner, we are delivering an important contribution to the automotive industry in the age of digital transformation. Future mobility should remain an expression of individuality, progress and freedom. Therefore, we further develop products, services and processes and help to significantly increase their efficiency. Together with and for our clients.“

Thomas Ramsteiner 
Vice President 

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