Selected competence area

Development workshop


We offer a wide-ranging portfolio of workshop services to our customers in the passenger car and commercial vehicle division.

MBtech – Workshop in Sindelfingen, Germany

Development Workshop

  • Body in white and body work
  • Preparation and post processing of test vehicles
  • Alternative drive-systems
  • Special vehicle/Exhibits
  • Individual to small series production


  • Benchmark-Analysis
  • Test vehicles for alternative drive-systems
  • Vehicle series support
  • Acquisition of sub projects
  • Analysis of production processes in the automotive industry

Measurement and Test Technologies


Protection in the laboratory

  • HiL-Test systems
  • Automated network tests
  • HV-/LV-Test systems
  • Drive simulators
  • HW and SW products: PROVEtech:TA, PROVEtech:RE, PROVEtech:µHiL

Protection in the vehicle

  • Vehicle Measurement Technology
  • Technology concepts
  • Sensor application and installation
  • Configuration and commissioning
  • Data analysis
  • Measurement data Management
  • HW and SW products: PROVEtech:VA

For all domains

  • Driving assistance
  • On-board network safeguard
  • Energy analysis
  • Mobile Emissions Measurement (PEMS) and Measurement in the real driving mode (RDE)
  • Thermal safeguard 
  • Endurance testing/opeational stability
Project Reference
Simulator Intelligent Drive

We successfully created the concept, developed and supported the entire process of creating a simulator to represent the driver assistance systems in the new S-Class.

„At our request, the team built a simulator that demonstrates our customers the technical possibilities in a series vehicle in the most impressive possible way.”

Andreas Gottschol, Mercedes-Benz Cars Development, Active Safety, Assistance Systems, Daimler AG


Vehicle Durability Testing


We are able to conduct vehicle durability tests with a high level of flexibility and quality, not only on public roads and on our very own testing grounds, that sets us apart from our competitors. Our experienced drivers are able to perform various tests 365 days a year, 3 shifts per day, in extreme climate conditions and all over the world!

An integrated car pool management with planning, control and administration completes our wide product and service portfolio.




Full Vehicle Testing


Due to our state of the art facilities, our products are qualified for diverse environmental conditions which enable us to ensure economical and sustainable product development.

MBtech – Full Vehicle Testing

Commissioning and Environment simulation

  • Commissioning and E/E-Testing
  • Climate testing
  • Corrosion testing in staged atmospheres
  • Salt spray chamber and salt spray mist testing
  • Corrosion change testing

Full vehicle-Testing

  • Full vehicle integration
  • NVH-Testing
  • Homologation
  • Driving dynamic und driver assistance systems
  • Passive safety



Electro-magnetic compatibility

  • Suitable test setups – from miniature sensors to a 104 ton crane
  • Modern test equipment for EMC-specifications adhering to all automotive manufacturers and all significant civil and military norms 
  • Long established experience and expertise with regards to EMC optimization of your products
MBtech – EMV Large Anechoic Chamber
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