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Dr. Ingmar Wendling

Head of Calculation & Simulation 

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Structural analysis


Optimal design of full vehicles and components taking into account durability and NVH (Noise Vibration Harshness).

MBtech – Structural analysis

Strength and stiffness

  • Linear and non-linear static simulation


  • Testing and analysis of load spectrums
  • Analysis of damage in components and assembly techniques

NVH (Noise Vibration Harshness)

  • Analysis of components 
  • Determination of modal properties
  • Modal rrequency response, modal time history response

Passive Safety

  • Efficient model building and simulations of the relevant load cases
  • Analysis of the results and initiation of optimization activities
  • Design of components, assemblies and full vehicles
  • Test planning and evaluation

In the following disciplinces:

  • Structure crash
  • Occupant safety
  • Head impact
  • Pedestrian protection
MBtech – Passive Safety

Multibody Simulation


Development of full vehicle models, driving dynamics models and simulation.


Driving comfort evaluation

  • Evaluation and analysis of acceleration signals
  • Subjective / objective correlation
  • Realization of proband tests on the simulator

Driving dynamics evaluation

  • Integration of HIL-test bench regarding driving dynamics

Development of models for chassis components

  • Programming of empirical and physical models of chassis components
  • Automation and optimization of modeling processes

Flow simulation

MBtech – Flow simulation
  • Thermal validation of the full vehicle
  • Aerodynamics and engine compartment flow
  • Thermal comfort for occupants
  • Digital validation of production processes
  • Method development for efficient CFD model creation
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