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Marc Sabrowski

Head of Body Development

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Body structure, doors and flaps

MBtech – Body structure, doors and flaps

Modular, general vehicle development taking into consideration all manufacturing and production processes.

  • Consulting, Predevelopment, Styling-validation, conception and construction including series launch and -support
  • Template-based construction of components, modules and entire body structures
  • Lightweight construction-Expertise (Form- and material lightweight construction, joining process)
  • Accelerated development processes due to timely integration of production and supplier interfaces

Interior and Exterior


Development and adaption of interior- and exterior components including model layout, System integration, supplier management and mechanical construction

  • Complete management of development and integration tasks 
  • Model validation and concept development
  • Construction with consideration of all materials 


  • Cockpit
  • Seats
  • Trim parts
  • Floor coverings
  • Interior space design concepts


  • Bumper
  • Attachments
  • Body trim
  • Glazing
  • Front module
  • Light and visibility
MBtech – Interior and Exterior

Body development of the future

Body- and platform development is changing. Future vehicle generations are changing from classic combustion engines to hybrids and electro vehicles. We assist our customers throughout the entire integration process for all systems and the design of the body in the future as well as advantages of the different drive technology systems – with the aid of state of the art development methods. 


Chassis- and Tank Development


Development and construction

  • Layout of all chassis components and systems
  • Constructive implementation and integration
  • Packaging of chassis systems, frames and components
  • Kinematic and installation analysis 
  • Development of drive dynamics and comfort 
  • Responsibility for components and modules including supplier management
  • Tank development


DMU and Package


Full vehicle- and derivate validation

  • Management of the whole entire vehicle development process
  • Proportion conception and ergonomics 
  • Model validation
  • Administrative management
  • Digital mock-up
  • Package
  • Digital build-ability
  • Certification documents, GCIE
MBtech – DMU and Package

Product documentation


Documentation of the entire development process

  • CAx, parts list-, maturity degree-Tracking
  • Change management
  • Data preparation
  • Release management
  • Subscription audit
  • Weight management
  • Aftersales
MBtech - Product Documentation
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